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    Embassy for peaceful jumping puzzles (draft)

    Over the past week(end), I have been far too annoyed at jumping puzzles getting camped to not try to do at least something about it. Do you feel the same way? Read on then.
    Disclaimer: Keep in mind that this is just a draft, I'm pitching this to you guys to get some criticism before I embarass myself before the other big guilds on GH

    Of course, it's impossible to stop people from camping the puzzle, or killing enemies in the puzzle. However, I think the number of senseless kills and camping could be reduced by taking actions on three levels.

    1. Establish cross-server communication via "ambassadors"

    Ideally, this thread will be a spark of inspiration and there will be people on every server willing to serve as "ambassadors". Since there is no way to communicate between servers (servers don't have their own subforum in the official forum), having a group of people is the easiest way to fulfill the tasks I think are necessary to make jumping less of a headache.

    2. Support from the big guilds

    By asking the big guilds from our server whether they would agree to not attack enemies in the puzzle, there would be a "bargaining chip" for brokering something with the other servers in the current matchup. For instance, if some big Gunnar's Hold guilds would agree to jump peacefully, we could probably convince some big Blacktide guilds to do the same.
    Ideally, the ambassadors of each server would do this for the guilds of their respective server.

    3. The talking approach

    If there is support among the big guilds, and you see people from your own server camping the puzzle, ask them to stop, because arguably any "commitment" by guilds of the opposing servers is endangered by that.
    Also, if you are getting camped by the opposing server, just contact one of their ambassadors, who will try to convince them to stop. This might not always work, but every time it does, it's better than it was before.

    So, what would guilds agree to? I imagine something like the following:

    1. Do not attack enemies unless provoked first.
    2. Don't overdo griefing people by knocking them down ledges/cc'ing them etc. Doing the puzzle and/or protecting your own people doing the puzzle should go first.
    3. The above rules do not apply to the Eternal Battlegrounds puzzle. It is obviously intended as a griefing paradise and I won't go against that.

    I'd put the names and tags of the guilds agreeing to this into a thread on the official forums. This would make the "clout" behind all of this more visible. Also, the names of the ambassadors of each server would need to be made public.

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    I am only too aware of this issue, oh yes I am. I found myself cursing at these bastards with nothing better to do than to keep people away from an achievement and a chest while they would be better off helping their server elsewhere. But this won't ever work out, sadly. The plain truth is that there is no top-down chain of command to which people have to adhere to. And it probably isn't what these particular jumping puzzles were intended to... achieve.

    I have posted here with the idea in mind that we could get a larger group of people together (maybe on a regular basis) and go through the puzzle together, which is a lot safer. After all, this is PvP territory, so one shouldn't expect other people to show PvE attitudes, it will only make things more bitter.

    Some ideas to make the EB JP experience a bit more bearable:

    1. Familiarize yourself with the locations of the fountains that grant you 4 minutes of invisibility. Some tight spots can be bypassed unseen (some can't and it really depends on the motivation of the players camping the puzzle how far you can make it - a necro putting down well spells on a chokepoint will force you out of invisibility, no matter what you try).

    2. Bring stability. Some professions have skills that grant brief periods of protection against fear, knockback, launch, etc. .

    3. Come in large numbers. Often it doesn't take more than 2-3 people to completely shut down one of the gauntlets in the labyrinth, like the darkroom for example. Try to overwhelm enemies by exploiting their skill cooldowns to get close to them.

    4. Try to bring a Mesmer. Two are better though. Just in case, bring a third.

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