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    The new Wordpress Bar at top really, really annoying if you scroll one page at a time - it only leaves about half a line's overlap between scrolls. This makes it rather hard to follow the text when you're used to having two or three lines overlap, and can just scroll down when you're halfway through one and keep reading. As it is now, you have to get to the very end of one and then scroll, which really breaks it up.

    Any chance of getting rid of it? I don't know why it suddenly appeared, nor can I find any way to turn it off.

    At least it's not as bad as the stupid facebook timeline bar thingy, which loses an entire comment at a time.

    Edit: Ah, now I've worked out what really pisses me off with it. It messes up the "Jump" links on every single article - everyone has to scroll up 2 or 3 lines to actually read the start of the second paragraph!
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    At least you already found out solution.

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    I love it, mostly because now I can log out of the comment account. Previously, that was impossible (or at least I didn't know how to do it, nor how to change my password).

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    It's a shame the commenting and forum systems aren't linked. Though having recently tied a log-in system to a forum back-end (Simple Machines), I know there's a lot of pain involved, especially if the userbases for both are large.

    As for your WordPress bar woes -- maybe something like NoScript or Greasemonkey? Not optimal, but better than nothing!

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