Dear Fellow RPS forummites: I think I am terrible at Volo Airsport. I recently booted up the latest build, with the newly implemented trials.

While this certainly gives me a goal to pursue, it seems to show that I am very much terrible at this game. I can't seem to complete any of them. Simply reaching the first ring of a trial is often a challenge. Then most of the trials follow the terrain very closely.

How have others faired? I will admit I have only played the game for ~2 hours, so perhaps I just need more practice. And I haven't figured out the purpose of the X&B (collapse a single arm) buttons. Mostly I use the C-Stick for direction and braking, Y for my risky dives that always kill me, and the triggers to "fix" (or more often ruin) my roll axis. So really I just nudge the C-Stick and hope for the best.