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    The Strategonomicon - share your tips and tricks!

    Greetings, fellow archdemons!

    As you all know, SI is a fairly intricate game with lots of obscure game mechanics, and while I sadly haven't finished a game yet I have managed to pick up a few things along the way, mostly by browsing through the manual and online resources whenever I wondered how things work. I hope you'll find these useful and maybe even tell us your own!

    Game mechanics :

    • Challenge rolls for rituals work like so:
      • Both the attacker and the defender roll a number. In the case of a tie, the defender wins.
      • The attacker's total is 2d6 (roll two six-sided die, add them together) + ritual discipline level + bonuses from perks, PoPs, relics.
      • The defender's total is 2d6 + target-specific resist modifier (the level of the target, or an average between level and loyalty when targeting legions EDIT : with deceit rituals, thanks to Heliocentric) + bonuses from rituals, perks, PoPs, relics
      • I don't know what the loyalty rating for starting legions is, though. (EDIT: the rating is a whooping 10, and bribe rituals automatically fail. Thanks to Heliocentric for the info)

    • When using prophecy or deceit rituals, the check that determines wether the target finds out about the caster's identity is the same, except the defender doesn't get the target's resist modifier. This same check is also used when attempting to frame someone.

    Builds :

    • There is (AFAIK) no reason to pick anything other than Lust or Gluttony as your Public Objective. Even if you never bother capturing the Temple of Lust / Garden of Infernal Delights (and who knows, you might get a lucky placement) or never have 35 souls to spare, the extra 3+ fiend points are well worth the 30 Prestige you might get otherwise.
      I'd love to hear dissenting opinions on this, though, because always picking the same objectives gets boring fast.
    • Similarly, always have Charisma at a minimum of 2. 3 is significantly better, though, and well worth the fiend points, as it'll let you keep 3 cards rather than 2. If you do start with 2, make sure you bump it up ASAP.
    • For the above reason, If you don't have the points to spare for Cha 3 and have a free perk slot, consider going for Cha 3 + Obscure. It costs the exact same as Cha 2 and makes for a much smoother start.

    Reading your enemy's builds:

    • This one's important! One crucial thing to know is that your starting legion's stats tell a lot about your initial build. The formula goes like this:
      • You start with 6 points
      • You get an extra point for each non-zero, non-Cha attribute
      • You get an extra point for every level in a non-Cha attribute
      • These points are then randomly allocated to each of the stats

    • Knowing an archfiend's rank, Public Objective and assuming a starting Cha of a least 2, you can make fairly accurate predictions about what their stats look like (while you're checking their legion, make sure you have a look at their movement speed. A move of 1 means they picked Slothful). Go to the character creator and attempt to fill in the blanks. Players with lots of fiend points left over are likely to be either Power Behind the Throne / Kingmaker players or Charisma-centric turtle builds, and you should watch them closely.
    • If you want a solid starting legion for cheap, a X/1/1/1 build (where X is the level for your primary attribute) will get you a legion with a minimum total of 14, with 6 extra legion stat points over X/0/0/0 but only costing 6 additional fiend points. This makes for a fairly decent start, but might delay your 3rd order slot.
    • If you suspect your opponent has a high Martial rating but want confirmation, look at his legion or PoP's health regeneration. Martial 3 grants an additional +1 health per turn. Note that Prophecy 3, perks and equiment can have similar effects, so take it with a grain of salt.

    Misc / Diplomacy:

    • Every non-Charisma discipline gets you an order slot once you get high enough in it, but Martial's at 5 rather than 4.
    • If one of your opponents accepts 3 of your demands in a row, you may claim vendetta against him at any time.
    • If you win 3 vendettas (EDIT : this does not cover Single Combat vendettas, thanks to Heliocentric again) against the same opponent, you may claim Blood Feud against him. Blood Feuds are permanent and allow you to capture his stronghold, eliminating him from the game
      • You may also claim Blood Feud at any time against a neighboring opponent who only controls his stronghold's canton.

    • If you don't share a border with pandemonium, don't try to attack it with a flying legion if you aren't already excommunicated (This happened to a player in a game I was in, and it hurt to watch). It appears that you are only declared excommunicated at the very end of the turn, after the game checks to see if your legion can land in a legal space. Since you aren't yet excommunicated, it cannot land and gets destroyed as a result.
    • If you're going to be agressive in the first 10 turns, make sure you use the free threat list readjustments! Proper threat list management lets you cast rituals for cheaper and allows you to select from a wider range of vendetta conditions and prestige wagers.
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