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    Rock, Planet, Beta

    RPS Planetside 2 Beta Outfits:
    vanu.jpg MyFinishedNCLogo.jpg
    Rock, Planet, Beta
    Vanu Soveriegnty. Eurydome (EU)
    "Purple: Because if you are going to
    fight in an endless war on an alien
    planet, might as well do it with style.
    Also lasers."
    Purple Wednesdays
    Eurydome Server.
    From 8pm GMT.
    Join us on Mumble (details below)

    Rock, Traitor, Shotgun
    New Conglomerate. Eurydome (EU)

    Freedom Fridays
    Eurydome Server.
    From 7:30pm GMT.
    Join us on Mumble (details

    Absolutely everyone welcome. Unless you are an arsehat. No arsehats.

    In the US? The check out the possible US PS2 outfit mentioned here

    Join the Steam Group to get annoucements for outfit jollys

    Details of RPS (Unofficial) Mumble server here
    (with many thanks to lovely ARPS people)
    Mumble Channels:
    Barneys = VS
    Smurfs = NC
    Elmos = TR

    New Player Guide Here

    Planetside 2 Wikia here

    UPDATE 08/10: VS Outfit now on Eurydome server
    - Outfit invites will need to be sent again (see below)

    UPDATE 22/09: We have moved the Thyone server

    - Outfit invites will have to be sent again (see below).

    UPDATE 19/09: Character wipe & server rename

    Have a look here for details of which server we end up in.

    UPDATE 14/09: Outfit invites now only work if you are online.
    -> If you have someone in the outfit(s) on your friends list and they are online, drop them a whisper to ask for an invite: Anyone in the outfit should be able to send invites.


    Let's do this again people. Post your new characters / factions / servers here and let's refill our friends lists.

    Friend invites work offline. Outfit invites do not. Unless anyone can think of a better system, friend me up in game (CooperVS) and I'll send an invite to the Vanu outfit when people are online. Next get together I'll put some time aside at the start to invite anyone there.

    The best option, however, will probably be to drop into the Mumble channel for the faction you want to join and ask nicely. Any member of an Outfit should be able to send invites.


    Original message:

    The beta is now in full swing and most vets or those with twitter / PCG keys should be in.

    Rather than limiting ourselves to one single faction from the off, I imagine most are gonna want to toy around as Smurfs, Barneys and Elmos.
    So if you fancy meeting up with other RPS folk, post character name, faction & server below so that we can add others to the in-game friends list.

    As per Rock, Paper, WHICH SIDE ALREADY? (with poll) I've set-up a Vanu outfit on EU Beta 01 named "Rock, Planet, Beta"

    For those who hate purple, hate lasers, and hate hovertanks (fools), there also exists an New Conglomerate outfit also on EU Beta 01; "Rock, Traitor Shotgun"

    (Note: We are now NDA free)

    If people want to set up outfits for differing factions / servers, that's probably a good thing. They serve at the moment as a kind of "shared friends list". If anyone starts one, post it here and I'll add it to this top post.

    New Player Guide Here
    Although this is a relaxed outfit and we're all learning this game together. What that guide misses is lesson 1) Immediate, fiery death from the Galaxy pilot who didn't see that massive bit of red alien coral in an otherwise flat, empty dessert is fun.

    Many of us use Mumble for communication when playing (in game VOIP is still a bit wonky, but serves purpose when needed):
    Details of the mumble server can be found here
    Barneys = Vanu Sovereignty
    Smurfs = New Conglomerate
    Elmos = Terran Republic

    Steam group here:
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