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    You are not the only one, beside waiting for them to optimize the game you can do some stuff in the userconfig.ini but first set everything to low ingame, in the userconfig.ini you can do this:
    Under [Rendering]
    RenderQuality - set this to 80 or even 60%
    RenderDistance - 1000-1500 is more then enough and gets you more fps

    Under [Sound]
    SampleRate=44100 - you might have to add this line if its missing

    Under [Terrain]
    RenderFlora - Off
    Already done most of those. Haven't seen the render distance one, though, so I'll give that a go. I find I get better results keeping graphics on medium, though. It's because low shifts stuff onto the CPU (I think), which is my main bottleneck.

    EDIT: Feels better with the RenderDistance thing, but I'm still lucky to get double digit FPS in a major fight. It's unplayable at the moment.
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