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    I made a browser-based word game - help me make it better - or break it for me plz!

    I've been working on Android (AndEngine and libgdx) stuff for a while now but I really wanted to get stuff onto other platforms and so I've been toying with browser-based development.

    Getting some things to work has been a nightmare, but I've put together a word game which contains most of the elements I wanted to evaluate (online scores, game tracking, animated backgrounds, multiple resolutions/aspect ratios, speed differences etc.) and I wondered if you lot would give it a try and let me know if it works for you?

    and for mobile types on their PCS

    It 'should' work on just about any modern browser - be that on a PC, Mac, Phone, Tablet or whatever. It uses CSS3 and HTML5 but nothing too 'edgy' and it works OK on my Orange San Francisco phone (which is a decent baseline for hardware I think!!)

    Obviously as you have to drag stuff around you need a decent sized screen - keyboard Blackberrys aren't ideal :)

    There's a help system (on by default - knock it off in the menu) and a Tutorial Video (in the Menu, again).

    If you have performance issues, try one of the solid coloured background options (in the Menu again!!) - Red, Blue, Green - they disable the background HTML5 rendering.

    Any and all (constructive!) feedback greatly received. I don't think HTML gaming is really ready for primetime yet, but it's been 'interesting' playing with it (all the bits which weren't banging my head on the desk, anyway!)

    p.s. anyone else working with HTML5/browser-based gaming on here? Just wondering how popular it is...
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