I need a new case because this one vibrates and thrums and generally annoys the hell out of me (it's just the cheapie this PC originally came with).

No flashy lights/perspex covers/illuminated fans or anything like that
Easy access for HDD (3) mounting - and SOLID mounting so they don't shake the case to bits.
No cover on the front - I want to be able to use the DVD drive/front-panel sockets without fannying about
Cheapish - certainly under 60

Current mobo is a K10N78 but I'm looking to build a I5 system in the next 6-9 months so if there's a difference in mobo formats (I never bother understanding those) I'd like it to support both

Oh - a case where someone has thought about the layout would be lovely too - this case is designed so that HDDs sit on top of the SATA connectors on the mobo making connecting them up nigh-on impossible (I can tie a knot in a SATA table with my eyes closed now!)