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    Rock PPC Shotgun; Mechwarrior Online

    Now that the closed beta's been in full swing for a while, any RPSers want to play stompy robots together?

    If everyone who wants to play posts their in-game name then we can build up a little proto-corp.


    Mechwarrior Online Name (RPS Name)

    SenorPresidente (Antares)
    rivalin (lionheart)
    nazral (Nazral)
    StrangLove (StrangLove)
    Aerothorn (Aerothorn)
    torabayashi (Torabayashi)
    Levesque (JimTheDog)
    fenderbender (bonkers)
    TailSwallower (TailSwallower)
    Skydancer (Skydancer)
    evil jace (Eviljace)
    Kenseu (Kenseu)
    (doktorzli) dr.zli
    CrockdaddyAoD (CrockdaddyAoD)
    Lyesainer (Hunchback)

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