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    Vista was tolerable after the final service pack came out. But it's still a part of MS's history even they want to forget ever happened so you should really save up for a move to Windows 7.
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    Keep in mind that installing a new OS, especially with such a large jump, won't really be drop in. Despite the fact Vista should keep old files around when installing itself, do make a backup of important data prior to that. Dig deep and make sure you're not forgetting anything, just in case. Save games, documents, bookmarks, whatever.

    Also, once Vista is up and running, your old applications probably won't work properly. You'll have to reinstall them. Running them from the .Old folders is a bad idea, because they weren't actually installed so they have no registry information, they don't show up in add/remove programs, etc.

    I say it's also a good opportunity to decide whether all the programs you used to have are really necessary.

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    Update: Thanks again for the great advice although thanks even more to my amazing cousin it's all now unneeded. He's gonna donate a beast of a new-ish PC to my cause, a system way more powerful than I have now, gratis. He's a peach. It also has Windows 7!


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    Not only did you dodge Vista, you also won't have to upgrade soon and be forced into Windows 8.

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