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    The Ranger Thread - Class and build discussions

    Some of the other classes have threads, so let's have one about Rangers.
    I am sure a more knowledgeable player can chime in with better info but here are some things I have found out.

    Where can I get an owl?

    Why does my pet keep dying?
    - Are you using an owl? Get a tanking pet, like a bear. Better yet, get two bears. I have a brown bear and a polar bear. If you swap your pet out before it dies, it will heal up while its on standby. Then you can swap out the other one when its health is low.
    (You can find charmable polar bears in the icy lake in the Norn starting city (which I believe is called Readybrek?))

    How can I make people like me?
    - Healing Spring is a 3 point healing ability which should make you the life of the party. It creates a healing spring which gives your allies (and you, and your pet) regeneration for a short while. Try not to die while it's on cooldown.
    Also if you choose a one-hander and a hunting horn you can buff the party with your parps and tootles.

    Why do you always play the pet class?
    - Hey, I played a shaman that one time in DAOC.

    What are the different weapons like?
    - Longbow is ranged and has a knockback, and the auto-attack does more damage the further away from your enemy you are. I found it a bit dull and it gave the impression it wasn't doing a lot of damage on single targets - although it does have a nice, traditional, 'rain-of-arrows' aoe, and a single target 'shoot-a-lot-of-arrows-quickly' ability.

    - Shortbow is ranged and has a debuff and a poison and a stun. It's more positional than longbow, as the auto-attack has a stacking bleed which only works if you're not in the target's front arc. It gives the impression of doing more damage because it shoots quicker than the longbow, although each shot does less damage.
    It's my favourite weapon for PVE, as I get to run round and round things rather than standing still a long way away.

    -Big Sword
    It's a big sword and you hit stuff with it. I learned the abilities and never used it again.

    -One hand sword
    Quite fun! There's a jump away and jump back in again move. You get to use an offhand. It's not ranged, so you will have to actually get into melee range of your targets, but that's not usually difficult. There's an evade-and-poison move which keeps missing for me, but evade is nice.

    A throwing axe. The auto-attack does a ricochet to other enemies nearby. Might be useful in situations with a lot of enemies, like PVP and events. You get to use an offhand.

    - Torch
    It's an offhand. You can throw the torch, which is underwhelming, or set a bonfire for pbaoe burny.

    It's an offhand. You can throw the dagger to cripple enemies (which I think hits more than one, maybe?) or do a poisony evade thing, which seemed pointless when I had one on the sword but in PVP it might be handy to have two.

    -Hunting horn
    Another offhand. It does an aoe ally buff and you can summon hawks to attack your target. Why not? I would probably take one over the dagger or the torch.

    -Axe in the off hand
    Why did nobody tell me this was so awesome?
    You get one move called "path of scars" which is described as throw a returning axe which hits enemies on its way out and its way back. They should call it "path of inadvertent pulls" since it often seems to go out of its way to aggro bystanders.
    You get another move which I am sure has a name but I am choosing to call "Whirly Whirl of Whirling Death", a pbaoe of hitting things a lot with your axe, which does very nice damage as the hits do increasing damage with each one. Also the animation is rather likeable too.

    Utility skills

    - the 'traditional' hunter traps like spiky damage, ice, fire, bucket-o-snakes
    - summons
    - I tend to use the buff ones, like "the one that makes you 10% faster", "the one that makes you and your pet tougher" and "the regen one" because I am lazy.

    - there are 4 pet slots: pet; other pet; underwater pet; other underwater pet.
    You can tame as many as you can find, and they go into a collection from which you can choose them when you're not in combat. It's not like WOW where you could only have three pets and if you wanted to tame a new one you had to let one go.
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