In PvE I have been using Longbow :-

1v1 Lay traps, 3 for weakness, start backing off, 2 for flurry of shots, they will hit the traps (burning and cripple), 4 to push them back, 5 to rain arrows and cripple again, 1 to finish off.

Vs groups put the rain of arrows sooner then kite in circles - or switch to great sword which is practically a AeO with the basic swings.

I definitely the traps the most useful - though only the burning and cripple ones. I use the condition removal as my third utility since getting rooted leads to a swift death.


PvE is definitely a million times easier with a bear (or two ) since the cats I was using before got 1 shotted by any melee enemies a few levels above mine. The bears seem to be able to tank anything 3 or 4 levels higher for long enough. Especially if you switch pets when one get low.

The polar bear is trivial to get (won't give spoilers) so I would recommend to all for PvE.


Recently I have switched to Shortbow and Axe and Torch based on conditions - more for a change than because its more effective. I was underwhelmed by Axe main hand at first but then I realised it hits 3 targets at once so its actually not that bad. Torch has good synergy with axe main hand 2 (burning field + projectile finisher), and the area burning also works pretty well with traps.


Sword, meh. He prances and dances but he doesn't do a lot. Probably just need to practice though! Maybe better in PvP.


Horn I like since it gives a speed buff. Duration is pretty limited though. I tend to pick this up for WvW. The summon birds seems to do next to no damage though with a pretty long cool down.

Dagger - not really used it to be honest.