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    Rest In Peace, Mr. Armstrong, Your Legend Will Be Forever.

    I just read that Mr. Armstrong, the first human astronaut landed on the moon with his partners Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin (Michael was the command module pilot of the mission who didn't land on moon, but to me his should also be share the equal honor with Armstrong), passed away few days ago.

    I believe that the world's governments had no other programs than Apollo to land on moon because the financial cost and human risk far exceed the scientific and economic gain. Unmanned spacecraft and landing modules are supposed to be able to preform most of the tasks a astronaut can do. But long live the spirit of the Apollo program, and long live the legend of Mr. Armstrong and other astronauts who sacrifice their lifes for this unprecedented achievement.

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    Hear, hear!
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    Oh... My condolences
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    Yes rest in peace Mr Armstrong and the ability of humanity to do things in space...we will never have the like of it again.

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