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    WvWvW Recon Team

    I definitely want to play WvW but I don't find massive battles fun. That's why I came up with an idea of sabotage/recon squad. We would focus on disrupting enemy's supply lines, providing commander (whoever it might be) with intel and do some other sneaky stuff.

    I will need... right, let's talk about it for a moment. Thief is quite an obvious choice, this class is made for things like this. But obviously it's not enough. At first I wanted to tell you that we need only light classes but then I realized that what we need is speed, and all classes and races run equally fast. Unfortunately, stealth won't be useful for sneaking to the enemy and attacking because it simply doesn't last long enough. We would need whole minutes of continuous stealth, not seconds. That's why our priority should be mobility. If your character can cast Swiftness on itself and/or others, that's great. If it can teleport itself and/or others it's even better. Put some stealth on top of that and we've got a perfect match. It doesn't matter if you play as Thief, Mesmer, Necromancer or Guardian as long as you meet the requirements.

    If you like this idea but you feel like you haven't got the skill, don't worry, join us anyway. We'll be learning on the go, looking for the best tactics, getting familiar with the map, learning how to cooperate with each other in the most efficient way, and so on. You'll have plenty of time to get better at this game.

    Please post your opinions below, and if you want to be part of the team, use this thread as well. I'll be updating this post with all the important informations, along with the list of members. FYI, I think we'll need at least 5 people to get started.

    One more thing. I'm going to Southport on Sunday and I'll stay there till next Sunday so for the whole next week I won't be playing GW2 at all. But I will be visiting forum, so feel free to discuss whatever you feel is worth talking about. And, hopefully, when I come back we should have enough people to start our first covert operations



    Please follow this link and fill the spreadsheet accordingly. It's very simplistic, I know but it should help us with organizing group playing. Just put your forum name, in game name and hours in which you're available for WvW on each day (or N/A if not). Let's treat it as a guide for the rest of the week. When I have some time later on, I'll try to do make some Google Calendar for us to make it even easier, but for now, let's use this. Thank you for cooperation.

    If you want to check who's available at the moment, go here (thanks malexmave!), and update your status as well.

    Current event (Google Calendar)

    List of members:

    1. Aedrill
    2. zanchito
    3. Wolfenswan
    4. squirrelfanatic
    5. harvb
    6. MOKKA
    7. hal9000
    8. Howlee
    9. 20phoenix
    10. Malfious
    11. algolicious
    12. Telzis
    13. noaru
    14. Anthile
    15. Salix
    16. Lightbulb
    17. TheMoo
    18. sirgoit
    19. Quine
    20. Kyrne
    21. Rozzza
    22. NieA7
    23. footlingsummers
    24. malexmave
    25. vee41
    26. duff
    27. starmatt
    28. Mithror
    29. inawarminister
    30. whykt
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