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Well, for me it is essential. Not only in creating items but it also helped me in my level progression. Plus the XP I gain when I fully level up a certain crafting discipline, that really means a lot to me.
Well I can't argue if you insist that crafting experience was essential to you. Personally I found myself levelling up well ahead of the zones I was in. In fact once I hit 80 and headed to the Ruins of Orr and some light WvW, I was probably making a levels worth of experience every 3 or 4 hours (citation needed but it sure feels that way) and there are still a mass of lower level zones I haven't completed or even visited. My storyline is sitting around the low 50s so I have to get back to that, but I'm currently intent on gearing-up my warrior and there is simply no way that personally crafting anything is going to work out cheaper than using the TP, except for the absolute high-end stuff which I probably won't be looking at for a long time, if ever.

Oh Shelter's Gate in Cursed Shore has a regular defend the outpost event that's packed full of spider under the bridge - good spot for high-end venom.