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    Adversarial mission for ~13-69 players in which US Blufor attempt to rescue some Independent policemen hiding somewhere (randomly generated) within the ruins of Zargabad, while Takistani Militia Opfor try to find and kill the policemen first.
    All teams know about the whereabouts of the disabled police APC which contains some gear Independent may find useful.

    Night mission with some moonlight and searchlights. Blufor and most of Opfor have NVGs, while Independent and Opfor snipers don't (although they do have some pistol-mounted flash-lights).
    Independent also have no maps or compasses.

    Victory conditions for Blufor and Independent are for at least 3 of Independent to reach the military base at the north-east of the map, or to eliminate all of Opfor.
    Victory conditions for Opfor are to reduce Independent to 2 alive or less, or to eliminate all of Blufor.

    -At least 3 Independent slots need to be filled.
    -The Independent medic may have some difficulty healing while holding a pistol. Hold a different or no weapon, or repeat the heal action a few times and it will work.

    Download Link:
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    Replied in red. Thank you for your feedback, all feedback is appreciated and will be considered.

    Quote Originally Posted by Black Mamba View Post
    Police rescue sounded like fun. I was Blufor command. Having reports of IEDs on the road, i decided we'd go airborne, having Toppo pilot, 3 men as a search team, and the chopper as Air support / Medevac. The BlackHawk is resistant and fast, and i thought that with the fog and the darkness, it was the best plan.
    Wrong. There was missiles where i expected AA guns and we got gunned down almost immediately after taking off. The chopper exploded the second i got out, and all of BLUFOR but Tink died (and he was supposed to be the one staying in the chopper!)
    feedback about that one: I don't know about the other factions, but as it is now, it seems impossible for Blufor.

    How close to the red circle did the chopper get? The intention is for the Blufor chopper to either land a safe distance away from the red circle, or attempt a quick paradrop if you're feeling reckless.

    I agree that the Igla pods are probably overkill, but I wasn't sure how proactive Dshkms would be in the weather/time conditions.

    The fog + nighttime makes it impossible to locate the cops from the air. Reports of IEDs prevent you from taking the Humvees, as you wouldn't see shit on the road (took us a few seconds to actually find the humvees and the chopper on the base, even with NVGs). Plus the fact that OPFOR and Independants were in contact a few seconds after we were gunned down (we weren't even in Zargabad yet) shows that BLUFOR really needs to haul ass.

    If you have somebody keep an eye on the road ahead you will be able to spot the IEDs, I have tested this.
    There aren't particularly many and the intention of them is to just slow Blufor down a bit.

    The same reasoning is behind having the Blufor spawn a couple hundred meters away from their transportation. I had feared Blufor would reach Zargabad before Opfor had any time to start searching the city. Apparently I was wrong and Opfor reached Zargabad more quickly than I anticipated.

    This will be fixed, and Independent will be given more to time to get their bearings.
    The simplest way of doing this, but not the most elegant, would be to just tell Opfor and Blufor to not do anything for the first minute or two of gameplay.

    I will also mute the game's sound while the city is destroyed.

    You're then stuck with the chopper, but those have no missile detection systems, so you get hit outta nowhere in a Stevie Wonder environment.
    Suggestions :
    - remove the missiles as choppers don't stand a chance against them in arma if you don't use GLT_Missilebox and or Mando Missiles. Actually in a flat area as Zargabad, static Dshks are a sufficient antiair capability against choppers. Or remove the chopper.

    Agreed about removing the Igla pods.

    The chopper could be removed while preserving 95% of the gameplay, but I feel it does add to variety and some Blufor commander could come up with a brilliant idea for its use.
    I may turn it into an f2 platoon attachment and lock it if is not selected, thus allowing the mission host to decide if they want Blufor to have use of it or not.

    - Reevaluate if IEDs really are necessary (the test was rather short, so i have no idea as to how many there are), so that BLUFOR can concentrate on searching for the cops.

    Answered above.

    - maybe reduce a bit the conditions (medium fog, evening?) so that the chopper acually needs to fly low but still can spot things on the ground.

    I didn't anticipate spotting as a role for the helicopter, but it's worth considering reducing the weather effects to allow such (although if I chose to do so I would also remove all the chopper's weapons).

    The heavy fog was originally set before I figured out how to set the mission date and thus the moonlight level.
    Now that there is almost no moonlight in the mission it probably isn't as needed, and I personally dislike its appearance.

    Anybody else have some feedback or criticism?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kalelovil View Post
    Replied in red. Thank you for your feedback, all feedback is appreciated and will be considered.

    Anybody else have some feedback or criticism?

    My only issue that it was way too dark as INDFOR, coulden't see anything.

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    Alright, so as our plan did involve landing in the center of the city, i guess we were in total violation of the mission's intent then.
    Though it's very difficult for us to tell where we were when we got shot down, as i never saw anything. As for the Dshkm issue, you'll need to do a little testing in the editor to see how they fare under mission's conditions. As an example, Blackfolk Down only has Dshkms as AA capability. I clearly remember helos getting shot down the one time i played it.
    Though remember that static Dshkms will also engage ground targets, giving a huge advantage to OPFOR

    And i agree removing the chopper is probably not the solution.

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