Like 6 games and I only won once online.
I must've switched over 6 teams over the course of the game.
Despite understanding the basic rules of the game I seem to be stuck in a rut.

I need a TV1000 that doesn't seem so fragile that losing like 2-3 to injuries in the first half seems very unlikely.
Cause I really cannot be arsed to carry on playing when that happens in the first match. That's just my lazy nature. It ain't fun, and I'm probably wasting both my and the opponent's time prolonging it.

Also, tried dwarf. Gods they're so slow. I felt like I'm boring myself and my opponent when I play these guys. And when they're 2-0 behind, it's as good as 'Let's just bash and forget about scoring.'

The nuances of the game seems to be lost on me. Like, starting formations, kick direction. I hope I get it in the long run, but right now I'm just mucking about.
I understand how to get 2 die blocks but seem unable to plan 2-3 steps ahead. Stuff just happens as it goes along. The latest game won was against a Dark Elf team with no rerolls as Elf - I'm happy but I felt that my opponents is probably playing a badly designed team.

Still, should I carry on with my Elves?

2 TD scored. 10 conceded.
Awful, Just awful.