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    Stronghold: Tip and Tricks

    It can be quite an interesting challenge to do well at stronghold - especially as it's not uncommon for the opposing team to be a guild... I will collate all useful info and tit-bits, strategies and counter stratagies!

    To start with it seems:
    Launching 5 bombers from the off is best idea
    Then you have to defend them/and or kill the two guards at their outer and then be ready to get the two middle guards too.
    Ideally then of course you can swan in and kill the two inner guards and await the door being broken

    Classes that seem well suited:
    Power and minion necros seem well suited to this map. Wells n staff from power and the minion mash
    Guardians - atm mediguard gs+sceptre/torch is good with lots of range and aoe. Healing guard has endgame usage for either team as attacker or buffs the defending of own
    Mesmer as always in pvp - the super shatter build is evil
    Warriors with rampage and dps do very well. Hammer/GS build for stunning and ripping into
    LB power rangers seem ok but semi limited apart from in two places. One they can defend the door from up high and stop any bombers getting close and also to range the lord.
    Thieves can stealth channel the heros
    Engineers depending on build are good lane pushers too with a bit of defence/speed too

    You can... push all the way from beginning if you don't get halted with 2 and let the other 3 cause trouble/defend the other teams attack. Keeping those 5 bombers alive can be simples...

    Priority of attack when defending bombers is to initiate on guards and if other players come in - switch to them. The guards do little attack on you and are aggroed so you can take their hits and then use aoe to get the players and the guards at same time...

    Don't go off solo if you can help it.

    If you find yourself defending home base with no guards left and lord on 50% it's likely you will go lose as a team unless you can get 3 or 4 to push back aggressively and successfully. You get punished for bunkering essentially.

    WATCH THE MAP - it shows bombers v archers and also the map pings for mist essence. use voice comms to remind people if you see it

    If you see two minion necros or minion n mesmer be very very wary and don't rush in if you can help it - or without stuns on one or other of them.

    Hero choice: Cannon dude obv has range, stealth option seems to be more assistful while you walk the lane...

    2 Attack: Damage/Mobile Protection - necro (either), mediguard, shatter mesmer, thief, warrior, flamethrower engi
    2 Mid: Interfercence/Tanky: turret engi, mesmer, minion necro, medi or support guardian
    1 Def: Ranger, Power necro, medi or support guardian - this is more a role to get the npc's not defend against players

    Can anyone offer updates/views on eles?

    I'll ignore rev's for now as they are alas entirely out of place on this map. Not tanky enough even as support.
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    One thing though, I played turret engi ladt night on Stronghold that seems to be a good strategy int he middle just throw all your turrets and then take a supply and leave them to fight the turrets.
    The best group split I think is 2 pushing (dpsers) 2 in the middle (tanky) one defend (anyone who is good at trebbing or has a way to stop/delaying ennemies)
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    We've been quiet successful when were running with guild. Communication is they key.

    We were mostly going for map control. 1 3 1 split.

    1 goes treb and def.
    3 people, preferably with good dps and pressure (number of builds work here, but in general it's sorta like graveyard teamfight on Legacy) go mid and win team fight there. Enemies were pretty greedy, so if you have some way to stealth, do it. It's a free stealth opening on some squishy that is channeling supply. Most of times you can oneshot them.
    1 goes to kill guards at their gate and returns from behind to mid. You need someone who can annihilate guards in seconds and preferably have a sudden opening on returning to mid (thief, guard and mesmer).

    Then you kill people in mid, grab supply, summon some npc and push. After that you mostly need to pay attention to heroes so you really want to get that mist essence. First mist essence is usually isn't that important, because you can't really defend you hero if enemy decides to focus him/her. But when it start to spawn 2 essences at same time, this is really important.
    Doesn't really matter who grabs the one next to your base, it's easy to defend (you might want to use someone with stab).
    The one next to their base is REALLY important. If possible you should send there selfsufficient classes that can take some beating (warrior guards necro), if you have warrior with rampage of CD there, it's almost a free cap. You ether just channel it, if there isn't anyone with good interrupts. (thief, mesmer or necro) Or just stomp on people till they are dead and then grab it. Even you can just delay it long enough it's still good, if your hero is half way down the lane, when they spawn theirs it's a huge advantage when all doors are down. If you can get both Heroes and spawn them around same time it's basically a free win.

    And then just play map control, make sure you base is semi safe and try not do stupid things.
    Then after big teamfight or when you get the hero just push and make sure you save you big cooldowns for lord room.

    and again MAP CONTROL!!!


    New Hamtastik build for warriors is just amazing here, you got damages and hard cc. Use you mobility skills on hammer and gs to roam around the map. It's really really hard to catch you if you pop you healing signet and stroll away on bladerush. Dont get killed, if you see that they are pressing you just run away and go do something useful elsewhere. Hammer is incredibly strong in dealing with any npc, brake bars on heroes, stun lords and stop doobrakers. Also when you are running away and you got you hammer cooldowns ready you can suddenly turn around with Earthshakers and cc them to death.
    GS: Cleave all the things! (might generation in this build is incredible when you are hitting more then one target. If there are couple of doorbrakers or guards next to each other, 100 Blades and you are on 25 might. Don't be lazy and you you skills to run around the map.
    Rampage is basically a good mod. It's useful for so many things here. Win teamfights, stomp players, channel heroes, cc and kill their heroes. Rampage + Shadow refuge is and unstoppable stomp on lord.


    Same things as usual. Kill stuff. Those npc's are soft like butter. Don't forget that you can stealth allied npc's! Nika + Shadow refuge is a really fun combo.Try to use your stealth before teamfight to have better openings for you and your team.
    Also keep in mind that you're the fastest class on this map. You work is to get to places faster then anyone else (esp mist essences). You can get there and chill in stealth getting your basi venom ready. You Have bunch of interrupts on your skills, so make sure you don't use steal right away, save it until enemy gonna pop his stability. You steal 3 boons, including stability and aegis so you can even interrupt things like rampage warrior. If you will leave warrior in rampage to channel and then suddenly jump on him at the end, he will almost certainly gonna waste his rampage trying to channel it again, and wont have enough time to do that.

    This is my experience about last beta. I mostly spent my time there on thief and war so i can't give any feedback about other classes. But i'm really looking forward to try mesmer there. Those portals allow for some crazy strategies.
    Wanna try that pve comp. You take couple of staff eles and mesmer and you play around defense, killing incoming npc's with lava fonts spam, icebows and all other pve assets. You just need to get their gates down (what 's gonna happen eventually). Then you get you mesmer to make a sneaky portal in the middle of their base, everybody goes in and you just pve the boss under 5 seconds.
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