I thought this had best be made partly because there isn't one (unless I'm being stupid) and partly so I can steal the wisdom of people better at the game than myself.

So, are my fellow necromancers having a good time? How're you equipping yourself? This is the place for all death-related gubbins.

I'm currently at level 20 so nothing so exciting as an elite skill yet. When trekking about on my lonesome I have a shadow fiend and bone fiend to take most of the punches for me while I stand back with a staff and do AOE stuff. Though yesterday I found a cracking axe so I'm experimenting with axe/warhorn at the moment for single enemies to see how I get on with that.

Overall after being unsure in the early teens I'm quite pleased with necromancy. I need better gear so I can see what sort of damage I can do though once I finally level enough for group things I imagine DPS won't be my main concern anyway.