Just an update, we are 8 days away from Chris Roberts' GDC announcement. At this point is is confirmed to be a game.

- Gamespot has conducted an interview with Chris Roberts, tells us this is not a mobile social casual game, includes 10 second teaser video, space fighters confirmed: http://www.gamespot.com/news/wing-co...roject-6397488

- George Oldziey is confirmed to be working on the project as the composer: oldzieytweet.png

- Latest update tells to get people to sign up before Oct 10th, as the "Golden Tickets" will cease to be given out at that point. I'm not sure what the ticket thing entails or grants, but vague message states that it's a chance to help influence development. I'm guessing it means voting on concepts or possibly an early beta key guarantee.

- While Gamespot will be live-streaming the Chris Roberts announcement, there is apparently a streaming party being held by RSI in Austin for those that can't get into GDC. So if there are any other Austin-ites/Texans/Others that want to attend, there's a form to fill out for an invitation. Try as I might I haven't gotten a developer buddy to agree to sneak me into GDC for the announcement yet, so this the next best thing for me.