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    Space Pirates and Zombies

    Yesterday, I discovered the masterpiece that is SPAZ (Space Pirates and Zombies). Is anyone else out there playing? Care to share some newbie tips?

    If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it. It has that quality that forces you to do just one more thing until suddenly you have to go to work the next day.

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    The main tips I've picked up are to specialise in tech - don't spam points in Missiles, Beams AND Cannons, or Shields AND Armor. Also, at this point in time, Beams and Shields are OP, so go with them to win (Cannons are a bitch to aim and afaik do less damage, missiles can be shot down by PD, and armor doesn't do so well against [SPOILER].) Goon guns and all that suck, bombs seem pretty wimpy, don't know much about drones (some of the more advanced ones can kick my ass when the AI uses them).

    Still, the devs have taken pretty much all of the above on board (see the SPAZ forums), and hopefully will work on it in the next few patches.

    Also, you can get tech from stations who hate you by blowing up the station - also saves on having to pay for it! Blowing up a station also gives a boost to relations with the opposing faction in that system.

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    There's a good chance I'll give this a poke. I have faith in the RPS recommendation button and I used to play EV Nova a metric-fuckton. But the steam sale has me totally on hold until further notice. Bloody bastards.

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