Sorry for being so un-original with the name, but for once it feels just about right to just stick with the original RPS meaning :D

Now to the matter at hand! I looked around the social forum (4-5 pages back) and didn't find any BF3 activity... So i decided to create a platoon for anyone who's interested in playing together, since the game (like basically any other multiplayer game) is much better when played with friends or even just friendly people.

Now i know that EA are evil, that DICE suck and are abusing us with the 9000 DLCs/expansions that they are releasing... But i don't care, i've already bought the original BF3+B2K, some friends pre-ordered the Armored Kill expansion for my b-day... So like it or not, i am stuck with having the game. It seems like it will be around for a while too, and the next expansions might be worth the 10 bucks. Anyways, the game is still fun, and if anyone would like to play together go ahead and apply for the platoon - (hope the link works).

Please post in this thread only about the platoon or other organised BF3 play. Keep the actual game discussions to the other forum and appropriate thread. :)

P.S. I am Lyesainer on there.