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    I was more talking about paying for beta access. The idea of a beta has become so diluted anyways, but I think it's a bit strange to include it as a separate reward. Especially since Wasteland 2 was a bit more generous (cost of digital was $15, all players get beta).

    I'm all for stretch goals, I think a Watcher's Keep style dungeon is smart. It's an easy thing to add (as opposed to some of the other content they've been offering). I've never much been a fan of crafting in single player games, but if some people like it, that's cool.

    I've just been surprised that even though they've been more specific with their stretch goals (and offered more content) this kickstarter doesn't quite have the energy/enthusiasm of Double Fine's or InXile's. Brian Fargo was talking about a revolution in publishing. Tim Schaefer had some excellent videos and what looked like manic hobbit energy. They've offered far more updates, far more interviews, far more specific windows into the content of the game, but it still seems a little tepid. I get the feeling that JE Sawyer, Tim Cain, and even Feargus Urqhart are pretty reserved individuals, which might explain it, but it feels like they don't really know what to do with the Kickstarter, even that they're done with it. They have the money, now they want to make the game.

    For one thing, they should probably do an RPS interview; it's been a huge source of funding for other kickstarters. Maybe they're blacklisting the site after the downright hostile New Vegas review, which would be absolutely fair, if not the smartest thing to do. For another, I don't think a funding metagame would be the worst idea. They seem to have reserved a few $20 pledges and are releasing them at certain times, which is neat, but how about a mockup of the new dungeon, showing it get deeper with each set of backers? Or you could have concept art, even a blacked out party that adds a new blacked out member at the appropriate stretch goals. Or even something like a map of medieval France, and they could show through proportions the size of areas that had been added, without engaging in specifics.

    I've been very happy with how open they've been about content and the steps they've taken, but sometimes it still feels a little meh. Also, given the popularity of NWN as a mod maker, they should have someone working out how much money it would take to set a similar system up. I'm not saying they need to add it as a stretch goal (I would be surprised if they could do it cheaply or easily), but they should be able to explain why they can or can't and how much it would take.
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