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It's clear that they were less prepared than they should have been, but I think that coming up with responsible stretch goals is a better thing to do once you have achieved unexpected success. This is especially true since this game is going to be a foundation for future games, so when they come up with extra content now, that means their future games will be more robust to begin with.
Yeah. Plus I don't really think what they've added as stretch goals has been that much. Extra races and classes? Assuming those races were already part of the fiction and 'adding' them was basically just making them playable, that seems fine. A stronghold is effectively a mini-game in itself which would be better as part of the core concept of the game, but it works as an add-on. An extra big city? Well presumably the game has multiple towns. Scaling one of these up so that there's more fiction, quests and land-mass to one of them again seems something that can be added and help with world-building without affecting the core of the game. The extra dungeon is another distinct bit too.