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    You Don't Know Jack on Facebook

    So I've finally been woo-ed to the dark side with the first Facebook game I actually want to play. If you've never played one of the gazillion previous versions, it's a fully-voiced trivia quiz game that's often genuinely funny, and the questions often require a weird combination of pop-culture and high-culture knowledge.

    The approach they've taken is interesting. There's no synchronous multiplayer (the mainstay of the series) but if you play an 'episode' (5 questions) that your friends have already played, you see their score as you go along, and what they got right or wrong. Makes it a less rewarding experience for the first person to play it mind, but it's quite clever. And at the end you see your position between you and up to 4 friends (or randoms if there aren't that many who have played it).

    The money model seems fair: you get one free game per day (plus extras for getting certain achievements) and there are around 160 to play through, with them putting out 3 new ones per week. You also always seem to get the new ones first, so they can cover topical stuff. You can pay for extra games immediately. You can also pay for a points boost, but people can see if you're using them so seems pointless. And you can buy an achievement, just because.

    It appears to be down for maintenance right now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by deano2099 View Post
    The money model seems fair ......
    You can also pay for a points boost
    Is that not the most literal definition possible of the overused term "pay to win"?

    I don't do Facebook so I won't get to experience this, unfortunately. My loss, since Jellyvision has always been on the cusp of the latest games publishing trends. They're an incredibly innovative company. I used to play their episodic game in the 90's on their network where they had short commercial breaks between rounds.

    Jellyvision's interactive website design is extremely impressive too. They basically took the chitchattiness of YDKJ and applied it to ecommerce. They're masters of making computers seem human.

    Sorry to derail your thread, deano. I just love these guys and wish them success on Facebook.

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    Such fun times playing the original with friends on one PC back in the day. Can you still screw people? I don't see how that'd work in the format you've described.

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