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    New Missions

    If you have a mission you have been working on, it is often hard to get it tested properly and into the rotation for TTs and FS. The purpose of this thread is to make this process easier, all you need to do is put the file on mediafire and post in this thread. Criteria that need to be met below

    Test it for basics first. It would be nice, even if it doesn't work as expected, if people get to shoot things in a TTesque manner.

    Name it properly. Folk naming scheme is rather helpful, if it really isn't a Folk mission use this - (increase version numbers with each release)

    Your post should be like so

    Name: What your mission is called
    Filename: What the PBO is, it helps me find them
    Players: This is number of rough number of people for a good playtest. The max number should be above
    Island: Cherna/taki etc
    Premise: A quick one liner add anything extra re scripts etc here too.


    Name: Midnight Riders
    Filename: [co07]midnight_riders_v4_oa
    Players: 3 or so
    Island: Zargabad
    Premise: Heli insert at the villa to secure evidence and eliminate aziz. Vehicle respawn and BAF assets.


    We can then have a look at a mission after the TT session hopefully with a few people still around. If everything works okay then we know we can use it in sessions from then on. If things don't quite work we can re-add it to this thread and retry it.

    If your mission gets played after TT then create a [Mission] <Your mission name> thread on the forum for discussion about it.
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