Vajazzled! (warning: contains hot robots)

My little MMO of choice just recently got a lot of attention, no less due to it being #11 on the Steam Greenlight Top 10 list.

Im of course posting this to make sure you guys all notice that we are having major fun in our little RPS funded corp STATE CORP (STC), founded by the Holy Jim of Rossignol, now maintained by a very spirited and passionate bunch of people.

Our motto is "For Science™!" and truly, that is what we do.

We have a massive "Gamma" base, which gives new players the chance to be awesome at industry, without needing to spend precious experience points at it; and it boosts the veterans. We are very passionate about our going ons, and we always like to give our experience to the new ones! We have loads of PvP, so much in fact, that we have a continual presence on the killboards.

There is of course a trial, so you can test the game for 15 days before actually having to agree to stay, so I hope to see you in the game! (Join the RPS channel in perpetuum, so we can pick you up :D)

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