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I'm kinda in the same boat. I have a e8400 at 3,3 ghz (maybe some more in the near future) and a gtx460. My gpu is not even running at full capacity as my cpu is the big bottleneck for this game. So getting a decent quad core with your 560ti should run the game fine.
I also have 4gb of ram and do not have your problems, but currently the game has problems with 4gb of ram. A lot of crashes seem to be related to memory usage. Increasing my pagefile.sys space to up to 6gb seems to have decreased the crashes a lot.
Mine's stable at 3,9GHz and I've heard of people running them at 4,2 with somewhat heroic cooling (mine's cooled passively, by the way, but its huge heatsink is adjacent to the PSU fan and the case rear exhaust fan so its getting good airflow). You can pretty much safely get them up to 3,6GHz if you have 400 MHz memory.

I run mine at 3,66 instead of 3,9 because my memory does not like the 433 Mhz needed to go 3,9. Since this game is so heavy on memory bandwidth and CPU, I guess I should spend an hour trying to see if I can get it up higher without crashing.