Greetings freedom fan!

How would you like to crush the oppressive Terrans and the silly-looking Vanu? You'd love it? Excellent! Us New Conglomerate chaps are running a semi-organised session on Friday nights, under the banner of the RPS NC outfit, Rock Traitor Shotgun.

The session will be on Friday at 7:30PM BST, and will consist of anything and everything, from guided zerg-rushes to massive tank columns to air-armadas. We hope to make a real impact on the frontlines of EU1, so make sure to have a character on the server. For comms, we'll be using the RPS mumble server, as provided by the lovely chaps at ARPS.

So, if you want a more organised Planetside 2 experience, without the hassle of dedicating yourself to a 'proper' clan, come along to NC Freedom Fridays on EU1 and the RPS mumble server, at 7:30PM BST.



Post-script: If you need an outfit invite, post your name up here and I (or Wafflynumber) will add you to the clan.