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    Quote Originally Posted by eltdown View Post
    Also, dilemma: Basilisk or Fury on the Flash (inb4 firstworldproblems)? The Basilisk appears to two-clip Sundies / Libs / MBTs and 5-6 shot infantry but the Fury has some nice splash damage. Just checking I've not missed anything major as I'm leaning towards the Basilisk.
    The Fury is quite compatible with driving around like a lunatic, lobbing grenades around the place.
    Plus, as Bank says, you can one-shot infantry with it.
    Does the Basilisk not require a much more stable platform to be able to hit anything?

    Edit: And lo, it seems that the Flash Fury is in today's Premier member's sale (1/5/2013).
    However, word on the street is that the Fury has been nerfed on the test server, so buy with caution. Alas, I've already bought it in the previous sale some months back.
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