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    The RPS Social Club, London

    Helloooo everyone!
    You have not been forgotten! I just had to go to Norway to work this summer and since the shop was hit by a strength 10 shitstorm the very day I arrived, I haven't had time to deal with RPS meet-ups. Anyway, things are more or less sorted now, thanks to my charming and tireless assistant Erlend.

    We'll keep info about upcoming events here in a great, big, sticky thread, ok? Ok!

    We (which is a euphemism for "you", since I'm tragically stuck in the Northern Wastes) are gathering at the Blue Posts once again to enjoy fine alcoholic beverages and discuss the important things in life, such as games, quantum mechanics and the finer points of Munchkin.
    Function room booked from 6pm - midnight.

    We're gathering in Soho Square to get Drunk In a Park. Since quite a few of you seem to have problem Finding Things (tm), we figured a small park would be better than a large one. Or no park at all. You'll find us near the middle of the square from 2pm come sun or nasty weather, and we'll stay until we can't take it no more. Bring your own booze, a blanket if you like and an umbrella if it looks like you might need one.

    What's the common denominator between percentage of meat in cat food and number of ladies present at the average RPS meet-up?
    Answer: 4.

    We're solving the problem right away by inviting you all to RPS LADIES' NIGHT, where all the guys are required to bring along someone of the opposite sex. It's a great opportunity to invite your partner or that cute girl you like, or just your friend, sister, mum or auntie for others to enjoy.

    We're not letting you in without a female on your arm. Your only alternative if you can't find any is to dress up like one. Your choice. It will be awesome and there will be women. Lots of them. But only you can make it happen.
    Function room booked from 6pm - midnight.

    The Blue Post is a charming pub just off Leicester Square, at 28 Rupert Street, postcode W1D 6DJ. It's very close to Piccadilly and Leicester Square tube stations, and fairly close to half the ones in central London. You can find maps and directions over at trusty old Google Maps.

    There's decent food available, and there's a bar upstairs in the function room, as well as a toilet. This saves you from associating with the proles and beggars likely to be found downstairs, and ensures that you won't fall down the stairs when collecting your tray of Jäger shots.

    Looking forward to knowing that you're there, having fun, smiling and laughing and drinking while I'm stuck here. Yay.

    I'm really sorry, but you'll have to wait a little while longer for us to sort things out with rooms and stuff. Come autumn, there will be stuff happening regularly; I promise.
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