I'm trying to get a refund but Valve's CS sucks.

I don't get how it was launched so broken, there is so much understeer I struggle to get round some corners and the car doesn't seem to matter.They've taken out the old fuel and tyre simulation options from 2011 which I loved, sometimes you just want to play with them on or off but now you have no choice and the tyres don't seem to wear like they did before. I hate how the FP setup has gone in favour of just one FP now...... like how is that like F1? I can understand this for short weekend, why don't we even have the option for a full weekend now? Podiums still aren't in, safety cares still never come out from crashes, half the time the A.I magically makes it back on the track within a second and vanishes by the next lap. They've gotten rid of the whole paddock thing and just have boring menus now, like the change with Dirt 2 to 3. You cannot even tell your team when you want to pit which is something that left with 2011 and I don't know why, the team just sticks me on a strategy. It never changes if rain comes down, I'm just meant to magically pit, surely they're meant to give me options like real F1.

There are so many game breaking bugs it's crazy! My engine blows at the end of every race and normally after I use a flashback too. My engine normally just loses all power mid race and I cannot do anything. I play on automatic so it isn't my gear changes and no other F1 game had this problem before, the game doesn't even acknowledge anything has happened so I have no options. Then there's the one where it rains every race, even in Bahrain it started chucking it down, sometimes it can be bright sunny and all of a sudden dark clouds lol. It's really hard to judge which tyre you should be on too, in real F1 it'll be even slightly raining and you have to come in, in F1 2012 you have to wait till you see rivers to even come on inters and it's so hard to see when to go back onto dry.

Then there is the poor A.I which I can be going a second slower a lap and still end up in 2nd. I don't get why they seem to be a faster pace than me and yet they slowly drift backwards. It seems like it's trying to dumb the A.I down to try and give you a chance to win. I mean in the first lap Alone I can go from last to 10th even on hardest settings, they're just so dumb.

You don't even want to try online, their servers have such connection issues trying coop with a friend was us getting booted all the time coupled with none of us finishing a race because our engines kept failing lol. The penalty system is so bad for online multiplayer that people crash into you and you get a penalty for it lol.

Such a bad game I warn you to stay away, I hope codemasters loses the license. I bet Valve wont even give me the refund, if they don't then Steam can fuck off too.