Last time Capcom produced the first full-length CG Movie based on the plot line of the game series, Degeneration. While the graphics is very impressively, the plot line is not, as if it has no plot line but non-stop actions. Now they produced the second CG movie, Damnation. This time they had probably heard from Biohazard fanboys. This movie is quite an admirable thriller in my opinion. I guess the live-action Resident Evil movies are more well received in the west, but I more of appreciate those CGs then those Hollywood productions. There is something in the entertainment industries you cannot outsource.

As you would understand, the CG movies are mainly for promotion of the games, so they are not those great budget movies which will be in theatre, but DVD and Blu-ray have been out already.

Yeah, Ada Wong is so hot~ in this movie.
And Leon? He is unstoppable because his fee is still too damn good.

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