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Skyguards rip through libs and fighters. Having one nearby can never hurt.

However, when using a flak cannon (skyguard, MAX or turret) hold back opening fire. Don't let rip the moment you see them, wait until they're closer and you're certain of scoring hits.

No air vehicle, bar a Galaxy, can survive sustained fire from a Skyguard for more than 4 seconds. A Galaxy will take you about 10 seconds...

However, you do not damage to tanks. Nada. Nowt. Well, except maybe a bit if you are scoring direct hits on their rear armour.
I know to wait with firing. All long distance fire does is point a nice big line back to your armour column so every aircraft within a km knows exactly where you are. But yeah, I prefer riding Skyguard to anything else so if I join, I'll probably go AA.