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    Yet Another FTL AAR

    I have never written a AAR before and i am well aware that there are plenty of FTL storys already. However, i had fun reading them, so i wondered wether it would be fun writing one.
    Let me add: English is not my native language.

    Sector 1

    Log of captain Grumpy
    Here i am, with the one information that may save the federation, hunted by a massive fleet of human supremacists. Not what i asked for.
    And to make it even better, the ship they gave me is little more than a pile of junk called 'Eagle'. I have no idea what 'Eagle' might mean, but presumably it has something to do with rust or hole.

    The glorious 'Eagle' before its mission

    Jump 1

    Nothing of interest here. I remove the atmosphere from the ship except for the helm so i will not have to bother too much with fire, rats or possible intruders. I am not too sure that the Eagles hull is airtight to begin with as well.

    No air, no problems

    I decide to upgrade the doors with some scrap lying around to offer me additional protection.

    Jump 2
    My first encounter with the rebels!
    And immediatly i take a pounding! Their first missile takes out my Heavy Laser. I activate one of the repair drones to take care of the damage while i try to take out their weapons system. Sadly, while my Heavy Ion can take out way stronger shields than theirs, it cannot do so long enough to disrupt anything else.

    Hurry little drone

    However, once my laser is back up, i manage to destroy their weapons quickly. After that it is an easy job to take them apart while my drone repairs the remaining damages.

    Now you can take your time

    They first try to power the FTL and then to surrender. But it is them who put me in this situation and i show no mercy. I manage to salvage some decent scrap from the wreckage. I put it to good use, upgrading my engine and the reactor.

    Jump 3

    I followed a distress signal to this position. Checking what the Eagle optimistically calls its scanner i pick up a stranded civilian ship. Apparently their navigation broke down and they ask me to guide them to a nearby outpost. I do not mind visiting an outpost myself so i agree. Obviously after accepting their payment of scrap.
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    Jump 4
    Another distress beacon leads me to small science station that has a problem with fire on board. I send my repair drone in to take care of that. The little drone proves its worth once more and earns me the thanks of the scientists and a schematic for a beam drone.
    Also i once again upgrade my engine and the reactor.

    Jump 5
    This is the position that the civilian ship from jump 3 gave me. Instead of a welcoming outpost i am greeted by a way less welcoming rebel rigger. These rebels shy away from nothing!


    His attack drone keeps my shield busy while his laser eats away at my hull. I activate my new beam drone to take him out as fast as possible. And not too long later:


    Jump 6
    A store! I sell my second repair drone and look through the offers. A proper sensor! But...

    One scrap

    I just repair my hull and buy both drone parts in stock. I am at 8 now and given that my repair and anti-personal drones can be reused unless they die, i believe that should do for a while.

    Jump 7
    Just some boring planet with nothing of interest.

    Jump 8
    A well known pirate offers his 'mercenary' work. I am not falling for that and open fire. I still only have one shield and my engine is not the most powerfull either. Thus their two heavy lasers look as if they could hurt if i let them and thus i launch a beam drone to get over with this as fast as possible. It only takes a few hits before they offer to replace my drone and some scrap. I accept.

    The bold 'mercenarys'

    Jump 9

    A planet that apparently has life signs. I investigate and find wierd six-legged animals. I decide to capture a few of them to sell later. Afterall, i did not ask to be in this situation and morality is a luxury that i have no time for.
    However, the cattle acts surprisingly well organised and i have to retreat to my shuttle.
    I may have underestimated their intellect.

    Jump 10
    The long range beacon.
    Before i leave this now rebel-ridden part of space some suspicious 'trader' offers me 2 drone parts for my 2 missiles. I do not ask where those drone parts might come from and gladly accept.
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