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    Sword of the Stars 1 - another attempt at multiplayer

    So, last year 5 of us started a game of SotS. It was a fairly laid back, slow moving affair. But sadly, (and probably inevitably) the game came to a halt when one of the players had to pull out (birth of baby is a good excuse though!).

    Now that the evenings are starting to draw in, I fancy having another go at playing a long game of SotS over the course of several months. Anybody interested?

    Ideally, I'd like five players again, all as unique races.
    Aim to play around 1 hour per week, UK time evenings.
    Somewhere around 100 stars, and default-ish settings. As I was enjoying the glacial pace of the last game. Sure, we may never play the game to completion, but the fun is in the journey.

    I think Heliocentric and Karandraz are interested (two of the players from the previous game) are interested in giving it another shot. So might only have two places to fill :)
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