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    Ability Speed Testing

    For a long time, I've wondered about how much the abilites that speed you up, like Swoop or Ride the Lightning, actually speed you up. Today, I finally ran some tests.

    Test course: Northern LA waypoint to Marriner's Fort Gate, stop there and run the same thing back. Meaning I get two times. The way is long enough so all abilities can be used multiple times, and I think it's the longest "friendly" way possible that's near a straight line.

    Test conditions: No speed buffs, no traits, paid attention to not get any accidental speed buffs. Tried to run the course the same time every time (which is near impossible). Time in the format M:SS

    Times run: Twice. It's boring.

    Statistical viability: Low. Not only due to the low number of times run, also due to the fact it's impossible to run the same way every time. The time format is not optimal either, but this was just some preliminary testing.

    Unfortunately, I only have a ranger and ele to run the tests, thief would be interesting as well.
    On to abilities!

    Time to walk the course is 1:21

    This time would mean that regular speed buffs with sigils or swiftness would give these times:
    25% - 1:01
    33% - 0:54

    1. Greatsword - Swoop
    CD: 12 seconds (however, CD starts while you use the ability, bringing it to effectively 11 seconds)
    Time 1: 1:11
    Time 2: 1:10
    => 10,5% speed buff

    2. Sword - Hornet Sting + Monarch's Leap
    CD: 4 seconds after Monarch's Leap
    Way used: turn around, use Hornet sting to evade towards "finish", turn around again to leap. Thus potentially saving time.
    Time 1: 1:20
    Time 2: 1:18
    => 2% speed buff
    Caveat: As you can see, the two times differ by more than a second. This is due to the fact that jumps can be optimized as well as turn rate. While this won't be as fast as Swoop, I believe a better time could be found here

    3. Utility - Lightning Reflexes
    CD: 40 seconds
    Way used: Turn around, use LR to evade towards finish, turn around to continue towards goal.
    Time 1: 1:21
    Time 2: 1:21
    => no speed buff
    Caveat: Same problems as Sword considering turn rate.

    1. Dagger / Air - Ride the Lightning
    CD: 40 seconds (starts after you finish riding)
    Time 1: 1:16
    Time 2: 1:16
    => 5% speed buff

    2. Dagger / Fire - Burning Speed
    CD: 15 seconds
    Time 1: 1:18
    Time 2: 1:17
    => 3,5% speed buff

    3. Utility - Lightning Flash
    CD: 45 seconds
    Time 1: 1:17
    (no second test due to getting swiftness twice and then giving up)
    => 4% speed buff
    Caveat: Might not always hit perfect range.

    I did not test whether, and if so how much, speed buffs influence the abilites' range. Stay tuned for that!

    Edit: Found a better route, DR Dwayna to Grenth WP should allow for less margin of error.
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    Hey Labbes, thanks for the free science, much appreciated. I was wondering if there were some official numbers on this. The wiki says that normal movement speed is 300 units/second.

    Taking Ride the Lightning as an example, the wiki entry for that skill says that it moves you 600 u/s, which would be 200% movement speed for 2 seconds (or 100% increase, x 2 since 2 seconds for the effective increase). Given the 40s cooldown of the skill I would assume that the formula for effective movement speed would be 200/40=5%.

    Which is exactly what you have calculated. Mind, I am really bad at maths and logical thinking, so there is some room for failure here (although the result seems to be correct, and that is all that counts, right?).
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