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What's the scoop?
CiA (Comrades in Arms) will be our guests during the [Sun] 30 September Folk session.

What's CiA?
CiA is an ArmA2 community. We have conducted many joint sessions with CiA over the last 2 years; here are links to some of the AAR threads:

What are the people from CiA like?
Nice. They have a similar, relaxed (but organised) approach to playing ArmA as ARPS/Folk.

When is it?
19:20 UK (20:20 CET) on Sunday 30 September, 2012 (normal Folk session time).

Does this replace the regular Folk session?
Yes. Everyone from Folk and ARPS is invited.

Which OA server will we use?
The Folk ArmA2: Combined Operations server.

What kind of missions will we be playing?
A mixture of coop and adversarial missions, and possibly an aiXX type mission.

Which TeamSpeak 3 server will we use?
The Folk one (again, as normal).

Okay, sounds good. What do you need me to do?
If you haven't already done so, please ensure you have configured your TeamSpeak so that you can use Channel Commander appropriately - it does not matter if you plan to avoid command positions, because battlefield promotions are guaranteed. Useful threads to [re-]read:

What are the rules of--