Fringe is winding down, and I have to say that--barring a sudden change in the next 12 episodes--it is easily the most ambitious show I've ever seen. SPOILERS ahead. Seriously, if you haven't watched this show and you're curious, you need to go back to the DVDs. You can't even talk about what the show is about anymore without spoiling entire seasons.

It started off as a sort-of X-Files update, but it has become a heavily serialized show that has deployed multiple universes, alternate timelines, and now a jump into the future. It hasn't always been great, and I'm not sure that even the important stuff completely lines up in terms of continuity, but it has been shockingly bold. I understand why some people would've been turned off by season 4 (and I have some issues with it, myself) but completely resetting the timeline of the series? That takes some balls.

So what does everyone else think? I'm struck at how similar Season 5 is to Half-Life 2. Protagonists suspended for years? Check. Alien (uh, sort of) regime that needs to be toppled? Check. Dystopian future? Check. Underground resistance? Check. I could do with less of Peter and Olivia oohing and ahhing over Etta, though.