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    Game of Warlock anyone(or two or three)?

    I love the game, but haven't had a chance to try my hand against human opponents. Anyone on RPS playing it, or interested?

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    I'd be interested!

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    Cool, I'll PM you. Anyone else?

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    I'd be interested, but mind you, I'm terrible at this game.

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    Sure I'd be up for playing if you need someone too. Undead FTW!

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    I'd like to play MP too. I've played a couple of SP games to completion and they were great fun. Only the challenge of finding a group to play with at a convenient time has stopped me from enjoying MP so far.

    I'm in UK, so GMT, and can play weekends only.

    Steam name is Lykurgos. Handy to have a Steam event / group to organize (based on my observation of other MP games being arranged)

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    I would love to play this game as well, but have a hectic schedule. I'll update you once I’m available. :)

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