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  • Arrival SE
  • Feruzablues
  • Internecine II
  • Cholo

Another classic joint session with our old friends, CiA, saw a combined player-count that peaked beyond 50 play through the epic coops Arrival SE and Feruzablues (in a dangerously effective manner), before getting down to the business of killing each other in the adversarials Internecine II and Cholo (the latter being a strangely silent affair for a mission in which drug-crazed gang-bangers assault a police station, but perhaps it was just because comrade IceRaiser was away; in rehab).

Huge thank you to everyone who came along tonight, especially our guests from CiA, and special mention to comrade Variable for being our organisational contact at CiA. It's always been superb fighting alongside you guys, and I hope we'll get to do this again very soon.

Please post your thoughts, feedback, screenshots and video here (PM me for details of Folk YouTube channel). It's really helpful to the hosts to have as much feedback, recollections and media as possible. Thank you.