I agree for the most part. Battlefield 3 I think was the worst - why the hell would you take away essential tools like the defibrillator? Also some things were blatant upgrades. It's artificially extending the life span of the game, and in some cases it just encourages pointless grind as opposed to playing the game.

I'll also add in that TF2 went too far with adding in content. Although I think that it significantly polluted the game's visual style, my main issue is that it's become a mess of new weapons (many of which were pointless, some of which are straight upgrades) to the point where I have no idea what's going on sometimes. And the new items don't extend the game - the new maps do, and unfortunately Valve have dropped the ball lately (Man v Machine was a bit of a disappointment).

Regarding stock TF2 weapons - some of them are good, but others have long since been rendered useless. The Medic's bonesaw, the Pyro's fire axe, the Soldier's rocket launcher has since been replaced by the Liberty Launcher for the most part... most of the stock melee weapons have straight upgrades, and even some of the primary weapons have been creeping in that direction.

With that said...

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It's why we don't get Unreal/Doom/Quake arena shooters much anymore, where all the guns are laid out on the map and the best guns are often tucked away in tricky locations.
No, we lost the arena shooters because they were predominately twitch deathmatches where new players were absolutely destroyed without so much as a hope while veterans rocket jumped around like bunnies with rocket boots... and without an influx of new people, they all died off. Team Fortress (QTF) firmly cemented team play in FPS gaming and since then the arena FPS has been on a steady decline to the point where it's pretty much dead. The style of game is outdated. Picking up weapons and powerups leads mostly to camping those areas and clusters everyone in small parts of the map in practice.

But the CoD method of UNLOCK ALL THE THINGS is ridiculous.