At the request of some people in the Screenshot thread, I'm going to write about my first time playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl (with the complete mod 2009) as it's happening.

Day 1:
Today was my first day in the zone. It began with me discovering that not only do I not know who I am, but that no one else seems to either. The solution then? to go on a dangerous quest to kill a man who probably does because the previous me who did know who we are must've disliked said man.

On the flipside, I met some people. they seem nice..

After listening to the Russian singing for a while I was given a quest to find a guy and retrieve a thingy-ma-jig. Which went off without a hitch thanks to some nearby stalkers who seemed happy to do all the work and get none of the loot. Not even the belongings of there fallen comrades.
After returning the thingy-ma-jig to chubbybunkerman, and looting more corpses, I was told I needed to travel further into the zone to see a man about a dog. Or steal things from a heavily guarded facility. It was one of those options..

"So how Wheelz, do you plan on stealing a dog from a heavily guarded facility?" I hear you ask. Well see, their's this tunnel I found:

But when I whisper gently in its ear, kiss its cheek, and then quietly try to enter..

It attempts to electrocute me :(