Noticed a few weeks back that my 2.1 speakers were 1.1 men down, ie. only one of the satellites now works, due to something gone wrong in the subwoofer (which I'm just itching to dismantle).

I'm not bitter, I bought these things as a humble lad of 16 who looked in the back of his PCZone and saw that the Hercules XPS210 were rated the best budget speakers, and they've lasted over 10 years with heavy use.

But I need new ones and, unless someone has a better option for 2.1 speakers in the 0-50 price range I'm looking at either the:

Logitech Z323

or the

Hercules XPS 2.1 40

The numbers and things associated with speakers mean little to me so I can't tell which is better (then again not being an audiophile means I won't mind if there is little difference between the two) so if anyone has experience of either speaker or knows of These Things then I'd appreciate some guidance. I'm leaning towards the Hercules even though they're more expensive and technically have a lower non-sale price (although I put little stock in that listing) just because my current speakers have been so great.