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Did no one survive the holidays????

On a more serious note, I ve been playing some MP and I think the last updated screwed everything up. I got to play 1 game out of 10 or so that did not bug out (as in totally, forcing either me or the other person to quit).
Cabal_, FWG and your humble servant are still actively playing. Can't tell anything about the others - they have disappeared from my Steam friends list. Don't know if it's some kind of bug or people hate me for some reason.

I don't think the latest patch have adressed multiplayer at all, so there shouldn't be any new issues. But it's hard to tell with Firaxis...
What kind of problems have you encountered exactly? There are workarounds for some of them, for example:

- Problem: you are stuck in the chat window for the rest of the match, typing "jjjjjjjj"
- Workaround: remap chat from "j" to "Enter"

- Problem: you have accidentally selected a unit with no moves left, and can't do anything for the rest of your turn
- Workaround: only use the "next/previous" hotkeys to switch between your units

- Problem: although your cursor is still in the blue zone, the note above it says "Dashing", and your unit will lose both moves if you go there
- Workaround: switch to another unit and back, or into fire mode and back, you should be able to move normally after that

- Problem: when you kill a sectoid while it's mind linked to a stimmed soldier, the game hangs for both you and your opponent
- Workaround: don't try to kill sectoids if they are mind linked to stimmed soldiers

Also, if you utilize flying units or explosives you'd be much better off using xbox controller instead of keyboard/mouse.