I've noticed I only need 3 tournament wins to fulfil my monthly pvp achievements. I know they're not worth much, you just get glory with which to buy more useless skins, but my achievement-OCD is itching so I decided to do it.

Now, I could just do it with random folks, but I thought it'd be more fun to do it with guildies and use voice comms too. Is anyone interested in joining me for a few tournament games, possibly over the weekend? I can bring either my necro or my ele, depending on what everyone else brings.

Be mentally prepared to lose A LOT, tournament isn't anything like drop-in/drop-out. There's teams that have been playing together for ages and function like a well-oiled machine. But hey, even if we only score 1 win per 10 losses we'd get our required 3 wins in a couple hours play!