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    Holiday Seasons & Events

    Some of my fondest memories of my time with Guild Wars 1 are the holiday events that took place on most major (and some minor / more obscure) holidays around the year. No big surprise, but apparently those will be back again in Guild Wars 2.

    In a recent blog post, Colin Johanson of Arenanet commented on Live Game Development and introduced the individual development teams that are working on different aspects of the game. One of those teams is the "Holiday & Events Team":

    Holidays & Events—Our Holidays & Events team will be creating a variety of special holidays in Guild Wars 2, building on the long tradition of amazing holidays in Guild Wars. You can likely guess which holiday you will see from this team first, and I recommend that everyone check our website next week for more information about this exciting first event.

    On top of holidays, this team will also be creating in-game one-time events that occur and can change the world or drive narratives that come to a finite conclusion across the world.
    Halloween is just around the corner! Prepare for the return of the Mad King!

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    Sounds Hawaiian, doesn't it?

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