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In the questionare I stated both my positive and negative impressions. The Fractals are brilliant and a lot of fun (I need to play them some more, haven't seen all of them or even fought one of the between-level bosses), the incredible lag however ruined any potential interest I might have had in the event itself. As I've said above, I would have soldiered through the one-time event if I had known what the rewards were beforehand, but thinking about it, I must admit that it would have been quite a poor reason to do so and wouldn't have had anything to do with the quality of the event itself.
Hehe well that mirrors my feedback, I too mentioned the reward.

Really though I still feel that one-time anything has no place in a persistent game. Reoccurring or evolving events like Halloween year-on-year are fine, but to throw something out there and have it be gone forever is arguably a waste of time for the players who never saw it, or whose experience was ruined by bugs. Why throw that developer time away when you can use it to build the game, permanently. Even permanent 'one time only' additions can be presented as flashback content.

My opinion was further coloured by the nature of this event - what consequences are there for wiping out the karka queen? Why was this event given such importance when defeating Zhaitan is a repeatable instance with no repercussions? In acknowledging the massive impact on the game world that destroying Zhaitan would have, they undermine the extremely local impact cleansing Sunset Cove has. The importance of the event given that it's essentially destroying a giant beehive seemed wholly artificial in retrospect.

This turned into a longer rant than I expected... I was more polite and didn't embellish so much on my survey response, I hope!