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A game design mechanic can be terrible if implemented improperly, so the OP might have been referring to those terrible games in the past that used stat building as filler.
Which games had stat building as filler? Can you name them please?

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What of me then? I played Fallout 1 after Fallout 3 and preferred the former. I first played the infinity engine games after I already played KOTOR and thought the combat was more fun and the exploration immensely more rewarding.
This just means you've got decent taste.

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The problem is when they use it as a crutch. When they have crappy models and say they are going for an "old school" vibe. When they have poor pacing and cite how we used to grind all the time in RPGs. That is bad design, which makes for bad games.
Actually, grinding is largely a myth in western RPGs. Only certain old dungeon crawlers ever required it. It was only ever prevalent in Japanese RPGs. For example, in the Gold Box games you tend to hit the level cap way before you reach the final boss, sort of like in Baldur's Gate.

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1) Nostalgia is most commonly understood to be the feeling when someone mis-remembers something from their past to be better than it actually was.

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The tactical combat of Dragon Age? Said in a positive light?

Eww, I feel like I need to wash my eyes.