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    Quote Originally Posted by RogerMellie View Post
    Come on dude, I'm just chuffed we're onto the 2nd page of a thread without someone calling the other a misanthropic, Nazi, communist, feminist, capitalist, DA2-loving pleb. There's hope for the RPS forums yet!!!!!
    It's a "defining RPG" thread, and it's not even barely disguised. Don't go holding out too much hope.

    Quote Originally Posted by QuantaCat View Post
    the actual work should be in the characters hands, not in the players.
    That word. I don't like that word.

    That word is why these arguments keep happening.

    Stop using that word.

    (That, and since nobody is actually picking up a gun and firing at a target, there is still a level of abstraction in design: Pointing and clicking and having the RNG determine how far the bullets stray from the target rather than... pointing and clicking and having the RNG determine how far the sword misses the target, oh gee, I think I just made another point, didn't I?)
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